Version 1.23 is now live.

  • 3 new bonus skins have been added to Platinum Edition owners. Platinum Edition status is obtained by having all classes and skin packs unlocked.
  • (Warrior) Weapon damage of intermediate levels and higher were slightly upgraded.
  • (Warrior) Inner defense has been slightly increased for levels 8 and onwards.
  • (Ranger) High levels weapon damage were slightly upgraded.
  • Stone Golems now have lower hit points and hit less harder. No one will miss the old ones :)
  • Fixed a rounding issue that would sometimes grant one less life scroll than intended upon death.
  • Fixed the quest huts/shops getting walled off in the desert sometimes. Please submit screenshots to [email protected] if you see these happening again.
  • Modified the quest branches for monks and rangers weapons to be more visible.
  • Bug fixes.
  • I also have several new encounters / events almost ready - I will submit them to Apple shortly.

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