Version 1.24 has been submitted.

  • (Free/RPG Version) 1.23′s new skins have been fixed.
  • New special encounters have been added to the game in dungeons and the wilderness.
  • A Direction Pad option is now available to navigate the map for iPad users.
  • Coins combat outcome’s scaling factor has been increased at levels 5+.
  • Bug fixes
  • Version 1.23 is now live.

  • 3 new bonus skins have been added to Platinum Edition owners. Platinum Edition status is obtained by having all classes and skin packs unlocked.
  • (Warrior) Weapon damage of intermediate levels and higher were slightly upgraded.
  • (Warrior) Inner defense has been slightly increased for levels 8 and onwards.
  • (Ranger) High levels weapon damage were slightly upgraded.
  • Stone Golems now have lower hit points and hit less harder. No one will miss the old ones :)
  • Fixed a rounding issue that would sometimes grant one less life scroll than intended upon death.
  • Fixed the quest huts/shops getting walled off in the desert sometimes. Please submit screenshots to [email protected] if you see these happening again.
  • Modified the quest branches for monks and rangers weapons to be more visible.
  • Bug fixes.
  • I also have several new encounters / events almost ready - I will submit them to Apple shortly.

    Play Dungeon Plunder for Free!

    There is now a free alternate version of Dungeon Plunder available:

    You can play the game to completion without spending a penny. Differences with the paid version are:

    - 2 classes unlocked by default (Warrior, Mage) instead of 3 (Warrior, Mage, Rogue).
    - Occasional ad between fights vs No ads.
    - 20% of the regular legacy gold on death.

    Ads and legacy gold restrictions are disabled automatically once there’s 3 optional classes/skin packs unlocked or more.

    There’s also runes and scrolls available for purchase which are not offered on the paid version but since the game balance is the same they are not required to enjoy the game.