The beginning of your journey: Dungeon Plunder generates an overland and an underground world map every game always insuring a fresh experience:


The goal of the game is to smash an orb freezing the world controlled by an evil wizard. You’ll see the world progressively getting affected as you play the game:ScreenshotLevel4

Dungeon Plunder offers a wide range of scenery and monster types, all randomly generated every game:


It wouldn’t be named Dungeon Plunder if there’d not be underground tombs and caves:



     RogueAttack          RogueDefense


Combat video

Dungeon Plunder uses a slot like system to resolve fights, with a hold symbol mechanic, where every set of 2 identical class-related symbols (or more) trigger an action. In the example above the rogue uses daggers to attack but must also build up poison (the green flasks) in order to keep the opponent stunned and to increase his dagger damage.

There’s also cooldowns to manage (the buttons below the reels in the video) during fights.

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